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[2009.3.5] the History of noh page is updated in traditionalart.

[2009.2.5] opened English page, but now English pages are only home(front)page and profile .

photo by kikuitimonji (c)2008  

words for rev.

It rains.
It's raining holiday.
Suddenly I heard Utai (謡; Japanese traditional songs in Noh-Kyogen).
Went out and I walked around for where it performed, and was aware of performing neiboring taberna. It seems that is a private performance.

Utai was sung by men,
The sound was creeping on the ground,
Creeping and was blended with rain drops,
I saw there sprouting dozens of tiny buds.
I heard there being country printemps.

In Japan, it needs so careful apploach to
treat Military subject. A few days ago, I was so surprised that Japanese mobile phone, it has a system ("Filtering system") to forbid young person to approach injurious WEB sites (ex.Adult sites, etc.), can not access to Military sites. It's marbelous.
As a discipline, Japan falls so behind to study military science. The course of falling is millitary allergie, like this.
It seems that, as a nation state, it is incomplete style to have these defect.

You may not interested in war, but war is interested in you.
          ---Leo Trotzky

Sviatoslav Richter looks like elephant.

I like classical music, but I always wonder what means "classical". Does the word of music style mean exclusively 18th century music? or including Medieval and Gothic (of course Baroque, too) music?
According to Wikipedia, it seems, in broad sense of "classical music"means 10th era to present, and in narrow sense of it means the middle of 18th to middle of 19th (Bach-Beethoven's age). My favorite Herr Mahler's symphonies doesn't include "classical" in narrow sense. Hoo. But it seems that it's so difficult to classify Mahler or Shostakovich by music styles.


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